Release: Holy Moe's new EP, "Pray4Me, Pray4Us"

Discover the latest 7-track EP from New York rapper Holy Moe, « Pray4Me, Pray4us ». With a committed DNA, you will discover both boom-bap and more modern sounds (drill).

Cover Holy Moe "Pray4Me, Pray4Us"

Holy Moe is a New York rapper from Staten Island, active in music since 2009. After a 1st EP released in 2016, named « Holy Matrimony », Holy Moe comes back on March 26, 2021 with a new 7 track EP, « Pray4Me, Pray4Us ». Drawing inspiration from Jay-Z, Wu-Tang or J Cole, we find in Holy Moe’s music and especially in this new EP a committed DNA, from the cover to the tracks, with a speech that aims to make his listeners aware of the social problems experienced by the inhabitants of the poor neighborhoods of New York. However, he also conveys a message of hope, and seeks to motivate young people to get out. By posing on the cover in front of a church in his neighborhood, on a blue sky background, Holy Moe refers to faith and hope.

Among the 7 tracks, you can hear boom-bap sounds on tracks 1-3 and 6, as well as a speech against racial discrimination (especially from the police) on track 5 « NWA Shit », with an evocative title. On the other hand, you will also hear more modern sounds, with a drill track (very popular in New York at the moment) on tracks 4 and 7, « Gold Chain » and « No Beef ». In the track No Beef, he conveys his state of mind: motivated to rise, to do things on his own in independence, without arguing with others, always with his gang as he says so well on his track « Gang With Me ».

Armand Dupont
Assistant communication RON / Passionné de rap/culture hip-hop