Since its creation in 2013, Ready Or Not has only one goal, to share and transcribe the values of Hip Hop as well as possible and to spread it in all its forms! Recording, production and publishing company, Ready Or Not gathers several urban artists. DJ’s, beatmakers, dancers, rappers, singers, we represent Hip Hop in its entirety. The label also shines thanks to the production of events of all kinds. Showcases, online events, and the Ready Or Not festival which has been organized several years in a row, highlighting emerging and established artists of the French and international rap scene. We operate mostly in Paris, but also in the rest of France, the United States and Africa. Ready Or Not is a 100% independent label, 100% Hip Hop! 

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Events Produceurs

Hip Hop events throughout the year in France and abroad.

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Editors and Produceurs

Hip Hop 360 label that produces French, African and American urban music artists and projects.

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Bookeurs & Programmers

Programming of Hip Hop artists and professionals of all kinds

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A Network

A collective and community of artists and professionals exists around the core of RON or its subsidiary HHC.

Garry Yankson

CEO & Founder

Groover Anderson