Release: Holy Moe's new EP, "Pray4Me, Pray4Us"

Hailing from New York’s Staten Island, Holy Moe has delivered an EP rich in technique and melody. The rapper poses with ease on modern instrumentals, switching from old school technical flows perfectly mastered to melodious and catchy sounds.

Heir of Wu Tang Clan and NWA, Holy Moe’s EP brings us back to the essence of rap while offering a very current music.

Release: "KIRA", latest EP by Lhiroyd

Lhiroyd worked on his EP Kira for more than a year to propose a music searched, worked and which corresponds to him. Eclectic, the EP includes sung titles, rapped, RnB, Afro. So many universes in which Lhiroyd excels.


Publishing ReadyOrNot (RON)

SPECIAL EDITION: RON gets in tune!

For some time now, RON has been in publishing mode! Our record company was expanding to booking and production and now we are open to publishing. We work with brilliant French and American artists.