RP R.O.N festival 2019

Since its creation in 2013, Ready Or Not has only one goal, to share and retranscribe the values of Hip Hop as well as possible and to diffuse it under all its forms! We are a Record and Production Company, surrounded by a collective of artists since our creation in 2013. DJs, dancers, rappers, beatmakers and graffiti artists, we represent Hip-Hop in its entirety. We act in 360° in France, in the USA and in the rest of the world: thanks to our label, a festival that we produce every year since 2014, but also audiovisual productions or events of all kinds.

Today, Ready Or Not offers event production and artist booking (rappers, DJs, MCs, graffiti artists, etc.) in France and abroad. We also produce Hip Hop music and artists, French, American or African. And, as publishers, we help the distribution of works and the development of artists in France and abroad.

The first project of our label was All About #1 (feat Soolking, KillASon, She Real, Dandyguel etc.). This album was produced in total independence. Unique in its kind, it marked the spirits of the artists and professionals of the medium.

We also organize every year the Ready Or Not Festival. It’s a big party for everyone to gather around the different disciplines of Hip Hop: rap, dance, graffiti, DJing and beatmaking. It is the only festival in France of battles which gathers all the genres of the Hip Hop. Over the years, the Festival has become a real must for Hip Hop lovers and professionals. We have already produced 6 editions in different places of the capital: Le Bataclan, le Cabaret Sauvage, La Bellevilloise, La Place, etc. The edition at the Bataclan remains one of the most original editions and marked the history of this venue with worldwide influence.

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A Event Producer

We are first and foremost an organization that produces an average of 5 to 10 Hip Hop events per year, including the RON FINAL.

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A Music Label

It is also an independent Hip Hop label that produces French and American rap artists and projects.

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A Network of Talents

Ready Or Not also programs artists of all kinds: rappers, dancers, DJs, DAs, beat makers, video artists, graphic artists, etc.

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A Marketplace

The HHC is a platform of connection between professionals of the Hip Hop environment.